Below are poems that don’t appear in any of Blake’s published collections. Click through to the other pages of this site to browse poems from particular books.

My Body Is a Great Electrical Conductor, but Don’t Tell Zeus That in Iowa Review

Aphrodite’s Dreaming in 32Poems and reprinted at Sappho’s Torque

The Sea Witch Needs a Mortgage for the Land, If Not for the House of Bones in Missouri Review, a collaborative poem with Kimberly Quiogue Andrews

Throats in Tinderbox


Illustration of “Throats” by Meghan Privitello

Two poems in Berfrois

Three poems in Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Thrown at the Earth in Sixth Finch

First Told the Myth of Orpheus in Open Letters Monthly

Television poems in Hobart

More television poems in Freeze Ray

Monsters Return in His Majesty, the Baby

“Mid-June in Germantown” in APIARY’s feature, Philadelphia Poets Document School Closings (note: the poem lost all its linebreaks when they redid their website)

One Way to Get There in an illustrated self-publishing experiment

Poems in current and forthcoming issues of 32 PoemsCherry Tree, and The Los Angeles Review of Books.